Thursday, December 13, 2007

In solidarity with the fallen....

On a bleak day such as today, words are hard to come by to reflect the turmoiled emotions within. Oppression abounds ceaselessly within the confines of this land I live in. When man can execute without conscience upon another an act that deprives the other of his right to live as a free man, surely brokenness has immeasurably befallen upon tanahair ku. Wherefore is your dignity as a human being, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi? Where has it gone? For what has the devil promised in exchange that swayed you readily in submitting to his evil will to soil your hands with the blood of others? Do you consider this fair trade? Failure to justify this will equate to failure to have God's grace availed to you.

I am not personally acquainted with the 5 persons who have been incarcerated. I have never met them. Nor have I ever heard them speak. But my faith advocates one to not just love God but also, to love your neighbour as yourself. And so for them, I post this out today in solidarity. I know not what is happening to them at this hour of time in writing. I know not if there will be unspeakable acts being inflicted upon them; not unlike those sufferings that past detainees had reportedly been subjected to. The situation seems hapless and grim.

A friend was kind enough to dedicate a song to me in recent days. In another lifetime from the past, I have learned to experience music as a source that solace is able to feed from. And so as I seek meaning from the words to this song, I shall also pray for my 5 HINDRAF brothers for today's gross miscarriage of justice.

Who here among us has not been broken
Who here among us is without guilt or pain
So oft abandoned by our transgressions
If such a thing as grace exists
Then grace was made for lives like this

There are no strangers
There are no outcasts
There are no orphans of God
So many fallen, but hallelujah
There are no orphans of God

Come ye unwanted and find affection
Come all ye weary, come and lay down your head
Come ye unworthy, you are my brother
If such a thing as grace exists
Then grace was made for lives like this

O blessed Father, look down upon us
We are Your children, we need Your love
We run before Your throne of mercy
And seek Your face to rise above

Words & music by: Avalon

Almighty Lord my God, I commit to thee the oppressed.
In times when you hear cries of sufferings, lift their burdens.
Should harm's way arise, protect them O Lord. Shield them.
In your infinite mercy, I ask thee of this.

A gentle reminder, dear PM....

Alberto Fujimori (11 December 2007)
Fujimori: A Classic Case Study
The former Peruvian President, Alberto Fujimori,
has been sentenced to six years in prison for abuse of power.

And hoping.....
And praying.....

That inevitably hitherto
A time and instance such as this
Will befall upon those with arrogance

For the lies they've spun
And for the abuses they've committed
Against those whom they've pledged to serve

For they will be judged
In this life, by their peers
Misdeeds forgotten not by history

Now lest they forget
Be reminded worse will still be to come
When in afterlife, they are judged by the Maker

Lord have mercy on your souls
Though undeserving as you are