Friday, October 20, 2006

Just some random remarks...

Happy Holidays???
Not likely. Workwise, I have a bit of firefighting to do (ie. 3 working papers to finish over 9 days). Frightening but true. My holidays are pretty much screwed. :(

Been back at work 2 days. Still trying to get the old motor to kick in; albeit, successful only to a slight degree. My neuro's still haywired. The fever must have blown a few fuses here and there. No worries. My body's maintenance crew has started work. Conducting diagnostics on my braincells even as I write. ;)

The Celebration of Discipline...Fasting...
Am trying to exercise this discipline diligently on 2 counts; smoking and... somebody. Daunted and struggling either ways. Have to re-read the chapter again for further insights. Maybe prayers will help. O' Holy Spirit, come and visit upon me. Imbue in me the wisdom to do what's right. Bestow upon me the strength of our Almighty Father to be resilient. Tempt me not, dark forces. Be gone. In Jesus' name, I shall forever keep my faith. Amen.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Guess what? The chills came back again. Yuppers! I'm back to square 1. Fever and all. :(

#$!%#* the A/C in the office. The temp is probably more suited to the Eskimos. I wonder if my CEO is from Alaska.

Regardless, I'm signing off from work, amigos. CEO said to take the rest of the day off.


Feeling low....

Been a long time since I wrote. Suddenly felt the urge for it this morning. Not for good reasons though. Something's bugging me. I'm feeling kinda low...

How Frail The Human Body?
I know not what it is. Maybe it's coz I've just recovered from illness. I hardly ever get sick but once in the bluest of moons when I do get struck down, I get REALLY, REALLY sick. The prescription drug is still running in my system. Wreaking havoc and affecting me in other indirect ways. No less is the discomfort of the lingering after-taste. Yuck!!

Did I Fail You, Father Lord?
I had to give last Sunday's worship a miss too. That could be the other factor that's broken me down. I don't like to miss my devotional time with God. I also don't care much for missing out on spending quality time with my church family. Much akin to breaking a link of a chain. Or missing a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Oh, before I forget. A word of thanks to brother Ken Beng in this instance. If not for him standing in on my behalf, I'd have defaulted on my very first official church duty for BLC.

Was It Not Worth The Price?
Ok. Third (and last) reason to feel down. I made a proposition. The proposition was declined. I’ll add no more to this subject except to say that I understand what God wills for me in Eccl 6:9. Amen.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm Italian?

You Are Italian Food

Comforting yet overwhelming.

People love you, but sometimes you're just too much.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Night of Romanopoly

Was at church (see BLC link) last night for some fun and games, and of course, lots of good food. Being potluck night in a country as diverse as ours, the spread was pretty interesting; ranging from Indian Thosai to some Chinese flavoured rice and to a serving of BBQ Buffalo Wings. Oh! And let's not forget the Berry's contribution of the Sicilian Chicken (and they're not even Italians). It would be unthinkably unMalaysian for it to be otherwise. Heavens forbid! Thank God for the infinitely unending crazy potpourri served up in this country.

For the first time ever, I was engaged in a hoot of a
game called Romanopoly. Akin the more well known boardgame; albeit, with a twist, as this event was played out in "reality" with a full set of participants amidst the backdrop of a costumed Roman theme. It even had parallel similarities such as "Buying & Selling" in currency of 1 sen coins (ie. it was called trading, though IMHO, gambling would be a more appropriate word to describe the action), "Go To Jail" (ie. forced imprisonment) and "Bankruptcy" (ie. bonded slavery). I even made enough money from trading to buy me a slave. A very interesting experience actually. Hehehee... :)

Here's John in his costume. A part Roman, part Persian outfit. Have no idea what was Sienfeld's contribution in this though.

Poor Hoong Guit. The only person whom we could not bail out of prison. Despite much protracted negotiations with Airfoong, the Enemy Soldier (a real ugly character), she would not budge from her demand of 100 sen. It seems that man's greed knows no bounds. And so, ultimately, HG became the sole sacrificial lamb.

Besides those mentioned, there were two other main characters in the game; namely, Su Shen's role of the Empress, who generously dished out more currency to the public to feed the economy when her mood suited her (kinda reminded me of the mad Emperor who fiddled while Rome was set alight), and Ken Beng's character of the Slave Master (the best occupation ever invented by man), one who profited at every turn from engaging in the lucrative business of human bondage. The rest of us were only designated pilgrims. Overall, a wonderful night of fun and laughter in the company of my Christian brethrens. God bless all of you.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

An Inspired Morning...

I'm really beginning to accept that with age advancing, one's need for longer duration of sleep actually diminishes. What a curse! :(

I woke up early today. So early that it was still dark when I left home to go catch the morning sunrise. I normally do this before hitting Chinatown for my "yum char" ("dim sum" + tea drinking) session. While I was there doing my little meditation, I discovered something among my surroundings. And I wrote it down. My thoughts goes like this...

"I love mornings. I discovered why birds chirp so gaily at daybreak; they sing because they're thankful for another day of life. So, if you ever feel down about anything, spend a little time with our fine feathered friends at the crack of dawn of the next day. Let them remind you again of the constants in your life. That for each day as you live, there remains a promise of much more to come. With the little that they have, already they celebrate in wild abandonment. You have more. Cherish it."

Enjoy life. Celebrate life.

This inaugural posting is a tribute to my late cat, MilleMeow
. Lost him a year ago. Deeply, deeply missed by all of us who knew him.