Monday, February 03, 2014


Relationships are bonds. 
The cord that ties one to another.
And in that process, also binds one down 
with only a certain amount of allowable slack 
that's adequate to let one move, think and emote freely. 
But, as stipulated, only as far as up to certain specified boundaries.  

While typical western or oriental philosophies may overlap 
and concur in advocating this form of anchoring 
(and the masses traditionally laps it up 
as the pragmatic and truthful approach to life)
the reality is this bond is also what holds one back 
from blossoming and expressing life to the hilt. 
In light of this, we may as well acknowledge it 
to be an invisible ball and chain strapped around our left ankle. 

It's a simple thing to surmise, really. 
A choice. 
A choice of deciding between ball and chain 
or of being liberated into a free spirit. 
I've long chosen, 
and have long walked the path of the latter. 
Thankfully, I was not alone. 
I walked it with Jesus, 
my Lord, my God, my saviour.