Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I Wish At 2.00AM...

So what does one do when awoken at such un-Godly hours and unable to sleep again? Not that I minded coz it was she on the other end of the line. And even more so when it dawned on me that she only called coz she was thinking of me.

And so I write??? LOL! No.

What any 'real' person would do would be to then head to the kitchen to raid the fridge and make coffee. And more by accident (rather than by a moment of inspiration) does he decide then to try his hand at prose.

And this was the end product.

I wish there was no distance between us
And that we both lived in the same time zone
Under the same roof, sharing in one life.....

I wish our dating zone was not just Skype, endless text messaging
Or expensive long distance telephone calls
It's just not right to steal time this way for each other.....

I wish the world would learn that life is not meant to be dictated by man-made doctrines
And blinded not be it too by prejudices of differing faiths and conventions
So as not to judge but instead, to bear witness to the love we have...

[But at this hour, at 2.00 A.M. of this morning.....]

I wish most of all that what awoke me was not the ringing telephone
But that of your presence next to mine
That I have you to behold in my arms
As I lullaby you to sleep.....

I love you, Twinky.....

(Thursday, 23 October 2008)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A very cheap shot at the Catholic church...

Received this joke over SMS a few minutes ago. Made me ROFLMAO.

A priest is very fond of his rooster and brood of hens. One day, the rooster goes missing. And that made the priest upset.

The next day in church, he asked everyone, "Has anybody got a cock?"
All the men in the congregation stood up.

"No, I mean has anybody seen a cock?"
Now all the women stood up.

"No, I mean has anybody seen a cock that doesn't belong to them?"
Half the women stood up.

"No!" he says angrily, "Has anybody seen my cock???"
All the choir boys stood up!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

SIU SEI NGOR..!!! (Canto for 'Laugh Die Me!!')...

Have been feeling a bit despondent lately.

Then I got this in the mail and it got me ROFLMAO. :D

If the resolution is NBG (no bloody good), just click on the 'SIU SEI NGOR' blogpost title for a better image.