Thursday, January 01, 2015

Year 2015. What day? Which day?

The day before today was yesterday. 
The day before tomorrow is today. 
But the day after today is not just another day. 
For it is New Year's Day. 

And so a new year begins. 
A new story book, a new chapter, a new Page One. 
So, may the tale that is spun, 
Turn into a rollicking good ol' yarn. 

Happy New Year, friends. #2015 #AuldLangSyne 

For 2015....

It is the Year 2015.

Upon a wish for justice I would make, 
And a claim on equality I would stake.
A miracle no less difficult it would be, 
A task no less different it will be.
Impossible till this day,
Improbable too, but to this age it keeps.

I then pondered out aloud,
Should peace and harmony be what I should shout.
But alas, pessimism spoke just as loud,
As I questioned all that this is about.  
Wishful thinking it remains,
So long as politicians and warmongers we do not tame. 

Narrowed choices are these that remains;
Faith, hope and love.   
So long as God abandons not,
His abundance we will have in lot.
May we ever be so bold,
To these promises we should hold.

Happy New Year 2015, everyone.