Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Activist: The Financial System

The Financial System is a Machine That Destroys Our Souls

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How do we take our lives back from the hands of the bankers and bondholders? We must fight for our own minds. We must fight for our own visions, we must fight for authenticity, for freedom in every form and fashion. We must fight against the forces of stability, the vampirism of a financial system based on usurping our hopes and passions. We must fight against the ignorant cycling of capital on the back of human misery. We must fight for our lives back, we must break the exploitive contract, we do not want your house, we do not want your false dreams. We want freedom, we want justice, we want to feed the starving children.

We do not want your luxurious cars or your mansions, we do not want your false hopes, we want basic rights for every individual on earth. We want basic justice for every human being on this planet.

We do not want your weapons programs funded by our very tax money. We do not want your images plastered on the television.

Down with injustice, down with a mass media that sugarcoats the heinous truth. Down with a psychological environment which turns human beings into silent consumers of their inner self.

We have mortgaged our lives and now we sit and wait for our lives to improve, we must stop waiting and take our lives back. We must extract our hearts and souls out of the mass media machine. We must extricate our very being out of the cycles of capital which are meant to distract us, consume us and reduce us to wanton beasts.

Gertrude Taylor

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Activists: The Truth About The System

We are not a Part of the System,

We are Merely Exploited by the System

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We slave away from day to night. We wash the dishes. We drive to work, we pay our taxes, we serve our time, but are we part of the system?

The answer is an explicit no. We are merely the work horses, the laborers, but the agenda is always dictated from above. The social ‘truths’ are all formulated in the think tanks of the rich. The elite mass media which thinks of the masses as nothing more than a piece of dough, to be kneaded and kneaded until the message is clear.

Thus, we, the masses, the form, the people, have been rendered as nothing more than a reflexive, reactive audience. We, the generation of apolitical children, have been stuffed in movie theatres so that we may have Mr. Spielberg dream on our behalf.

We have lost touch with our inner selves, we have been formulated and reformulated so many times that we have grown tired and insecure. We shelter ourselves inside of our manufactured personas. We tuck our feelings inside of the day to day. We try to escape through the television screens, but we are stuck as a non-entity still.

No, we are not part of the system. In fact, the system deliberately chooses to ignore us when it cannot explicitly formulate our psyche. The system bullies us, the system crushes our self-esteem. When we rise, they call us hooligans. When we protest, they labels us as existential trouble markers.

No, we are not part of this system, and the dream is not our dream. Our manufactured consumer reality is not even our reality. We are ghosts within the industrial machine, our voices are nothing more than allusions to a primal voice that can exist in this culture no more.

No, we are not part of any system, we are merely the oil used to lubricate; the cheap labor used to increase profitability; the beasts of burden used to lug around the guilts of the rich and the vanities of the famous.

Michael Schaefer