Saturday, December 27, 2008

Drawing a line in the sand....

Camerons - Bukit Larut - Penang - Alor Setar - Kangar
(27/12/08 - 03/01/09).

It's time.
Maybe somewhere among these stops,
I will find what is needed to still this heart again.


Lord, be with me.
Lead me and keep me safe as I endeavour to draw a line in the sand.

Lord, give me strength.
In my mind, a strong decision I hath made but regrets torment this fragile heart.

Lord, be my saviour.
Renew my life again. Let me breathe. Let me let go.

Lord, be my salvation.
Forgive me for my sins so that I can learn to forgive others who have sinned against me.

Hear my prayer, Lord. Hear my prayer.


Monday, December 01, 2008

In memorial: Bacon and eggs with Twinky....

I have been using the analogy of 'bacon and eggs' (read: the chicken contributed but the pig was committed) for quite a number of times over these few days of past to describe the status quo of my relationship with Twinky. Well..., the former status quo, that is. For the relationship now too looks to be an event of the past.

Not that I'm venerable enough to qualify as a guru on the matters of the heart, or even life for that matter, but I do know that one does ripen with the passage of the moons and maybe due to this, I may be allowed my 15 minutes of infamous wisdom.

No, no, I'm not about to philosophize and start spinning out mouthfuls of yarn to bore you. So fret not. My ulterior motive is, however, to share with you a spot of cartoon wisdom with a touch of humor. Not altogether relational to the topic of my failed relationship with Twinky, and certainly not entirely all 'bacon and eggs' here but the alternative permutation of 'bacon and turkey ham'. Could have been the former too but having deduced from the speech pattern, I'm banking on the turkey being a male and it'd be too miraculous to ask of him to lay the eggs to complement the bacon. ; )


(Note: Click on JPG for a better image.)

Ps. You know me as a blunt and transparent person who always speaks my mind, Twinky. So I will tell you that I'll never ever be sorry that I loved you. I'll always do....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I Wish At 2.00AM...

So what does one do when awoken at such un-Godly hours and unable to sleep again? Not that I minded coz it was she on the other end of the line. And even more so when it dawned on me that she only called coz she was thinking of me.

And so I write??? LOL! No.

What any 'real' person would do would be to then head to the kitchen to raid the fridge and make coffee. And more by accident (rather than by a moment of inspiration) does he decide then to try his hand at prose.

And this was the end product.

I wish there was no distance between us
And that we both lived in the same time zone
Under the same roof, sharing in one life.....

I wish our dating zone was not just Skype, endless text messaging
Or expensive long distance telephone calls
It's just not right to steal time this way for each other.....

I wish the world would learn that life is not meant to be dictated by man-made doctrines
And blinded not be it too by prejudices of differing faiths and conventions
So as not to judge but instead, to bear witness to the love we have...

[But at this hour, at 2.00 A.M. of this morning.....]

I wish most of all that what awoke me was not the ringing telephone
But that of your presence next to mine
That I have you to behold in my arms
As I lullaby you to sleep.....

I love you, Twinky.....

(Thursday, 23 October 2008)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A very cheap shot at the Catholic church...

Received this joke over SMS a few minutes ago. Made me ROFLMAO.

A priest is very fond of his rooster and brood of hens. One day, the rooster goes missing. And that made the priest upset.

The next day in church, he asked everyone, "Has anybody got a cock?"
All the men in the congregation stood up.

"No, I mean has anybody seen a cock?"
Now all the women stood up.

"No, I mean has anybody seen a cock that doesn't belong to them?"
Half the women stood up.

"No!" he says angrily, "Has anybody seen my cock???"
All the choir boys stood up!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

SIU SEI NGOR..!!! (Canto for 'Laugh Die Me!!')...

Have been feeling a bit despondent lately.

Then I got this in the mail and it got me ROFLMAO. :D

If the resolution is NBG (no bloody good), just click on the 'SIU SEI NGOR' blogpost title for a better image.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

10 Ways To Win Over Future Parents-in-law

  1. Speak to them from the heart.
  2. Smile at everything they throw at you (even if they hate you to the bone).
  3. Shower all your love onto their daughter in front of them.
  4. Help future mother-in-law run errands (and take her side against future father-in-law, especially during arguments).
  5. Help future father-in-law change his flat tyre (but still take future mother-in-law's side during said arguments).
  6. Hold their daughter's 'twinky' in front of them just to rile them up.
  7. Learn how to speak in a funny 'dong' (ie. Indonesian) accent.
  8. Respect her parents (even if they treat you like a dog).
  9. Always P.U.S.H. (Pray until something happens).
  10. If 1 to 9 fails, then do either of the following:
  • Run away and elope with her. (If she's not agreeable, go to Plan B: kidnap her to a 3rd country. Then persuade her to elope.)
  • Wait with their daughter until you're both in your 60s before marrying. (It's okay. Time is definitely on your side.)

Monday, September 08, 2008

That April Fools' Day......

"No one knows how long a relationship will last.....but I think finding someone that can break into the heart is good enough a reason to pursue that relationship; regardless of not knowing what might come next."

A close friend in New Zealand uttered this to me just a short while ago and it caused a minor ripple of revelation within. Unsurprisingly, this has to do with the fact that I entered into a relationship with a young lady recently; a person whom I had fatefully gotten acquainted with during last April Fools' Day.

Be it a Fools' hoax or otherwise,
I have grown to adore her much since then. As is with all partnership relationships, there has been the obligatory dose of tumultuous twists and turns. Little wonder then that my hairy unshaven face was lined with a cynical smirk when George Michael crooned "Turn a different corner and we never would have met..." on the MP3 yesterday evening. What irony. Coz the truth was, that was it. We almost didn't make it.

Life's such a mystery. Sometimes things would seem to move along so well. It could be like a slow train chugging away towards its final stop. Otherwise, it could also appear in the form of the stark raving mad bull charging and zeroing in on its target. And then the unpredictable happens. A small pebble on the track or a 10-ton runaway truck could appear out of nowhere. The train derails. And the bull? Well, he'd be on his way to the meat market. Hehe.. ;)

Regardless, the point is this. That a freakish small deflection can often pervert the course of our entire lives. Just when you thought you own it all, when the world
looked solely to be your oyster, the train or the bull gets steered away at the last moment by another of Newton's Laws. What this translates to is that you'd have lost that moment. That one critical moment that would have defined how truly happy you could have lived. And I know what that's like. It's happened before. And though she ditched me and is now blissfully married and blessed with a superduper cute daughter, I bear her no ill will. On the contrary, we're still as close as we had previously been. Good friends.

Which is why I am certain that when she reads this, she too will be glad for me. Just weeks ago, she had voiced her concern over my lackadaisical attitude towards seeking a life partner. Well Butterfly, I finally did it. I found me a 'Twinky'. Happy now? I know I ecstatically am.

: )

Monday, July 28, 2008

Random nonsense...

In recent news, the following.
  1. ROBBERS DISPOSSES CHILDREN'S HOME OF VAN: Heard these guys drove away with the home's van with a lotta guilt. One of them kept saying, "I'm sorry". Thrice. It don't matter that they have a conscience but for crying out loud, go rob one of those unconscionable VIPs instead lah. Then at least don't have to apologise. ASSHOLES #1.
  2. PAS-UMNO TALKS: Mooted formation of a one race, one religion government for Selangor. Damn bastards at UMNO still stirring shit with the racial card. ASSHOLES #2.
  3. MCA MOOTS TALKS WITH DAP: Need one say more? ASSHOLES #3:
  4. KARPAL: SHOULD PAS BE ALLOWED TO REMAIN IN PAKATAN?: Good God. If you didn't like them, why 'marry' them in the first place? And now after 'consummation', you decry them over an issue that the enemy made. Hey dude, wake up! Ultimately, there was no betrayal. If you react (and over a non-happenstance), you're doing exactly what ASSHOLES #2 hopes that you would do. And now that you've come out and done it, that makes you ASSHOLE #4.
  5. MCA's LEE HWA BENG LOSES: Ah Beng finally lost. Yippee and hooray. Maybe now he'll shut the fuck up instead of talking cock through his blog. ASSHOLE #5.
Nonsense is all but it is.....

The Muse (Part 1 of ?? parts)

Tuesday, 1st July 2008:
T'was to be like any day, but not this day.
Tis' day, the muse go away.
Tho' short a time has been, flutter me heart, she did.
Joy ebbs, as surely as autumn leaves fall.

Chaotic noise. Be still, thy wanton heart.

Saturday, 5th July 2008:
T'was not to be like any day, but not this day.
Today tis' the day, mine heart I risk away.
T'was sole hope, I pray.

Alas, only false glory comes from false hopes.

Interlude: Hallowed silence. Wither, thy unworthy heart.

Wounded. Broken. Empty. The remains.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What the fuck is happening to me??

It's not even 8.00am and I've already had my morning caffiene shot and come online. I had arrived in Kuching yesterday to bad weather and today's outlook don't seem to appear to be as promising as well. This may hamper the amount of work my rainforest co-conspirators and I have to execute on the ground over the next few days. What a drag.

I'm not in the best of forms either in body, spirit and soul. Over the last couple of weeks, it all started with a week of 'High'. That was when I was still holding onto that blasted key but thereafter when I lost it, the 'Low' began to creep in. Initially slowly but now gathering rapid pace, the physiological and emotional stress-load that's accumulating is taking its toll on me. Things are going haywire. I have not slept well for many days now. Just last night, the fatigue overtook me and I was finally able to fall asleep when it was one hour past midnight but the tossing and the turning then took center-stage and it hindered any chance I had at sound sleep. I finally gave up and wearliy climbed out of bed before the hour turned six.

All of these are debilitating and imparing me as a consequence. My senses are spinning around wildly like a Yo-Yo out of control. Everything I perceive seems to be accelerating on overdrive. If I do not exercise caution in handling this (and it's looking increasingly likely that I'm not), I may succumb and go over the edge. And throughout all of these, I have to tell myself to put my best foot forward because a lot of people are counting on me to deliver. To some, I am able to. To others, I can only pray for forgiveness for not being able to be fair to them.

Help me, my Lord God. I'm burning out. Save me.


Monday, July 07, 2008

Lifeless: Day 02

I've been feeling a little low over the last couple of days. Desolation felt close. After the 'high' of the previous weekend, I suppose it was only natural for one to land with a loud thud when one hits ground zero after reality gives one a giant kick up the backside. So there's also a big "Ouch!" in there somewhere as well.

Coincidentally for an occasion like this, a Matt Redman song keeps resonating within me. I suppose I cannot fault it's timing as I wallowed in such poignant times. The opening goes like this.

"Jesus, I could sing
In the tongues of men and angels
But if I have not love
I am just a clanging cymbal, and empty sound..."

What's this suppose to mean for a soul as wretched as mine? What indeed?

I have not attended church for two Sabbaths now. I got distracted. I became wayward too. I made the mistake of giving in to the weakness of the flesh. And for that, I have to pay the price of penance now. I also made the mistake of thinking that I was adequately strong to stand on my own. As oft is the case, I was wrong. Individual strength cannot possibly measure up to that which we have when we choose to live with God by on our side. And therein, lies my dilemma. Like a fool chasing the rainbow, I had allowed myself to be led away by sordid worldly lures.

"I should have just thrown away the stupid key..." is a sentence that endlessly echoes in my mind.

Forgive me, Abba. Take me home please. I need you. I really do.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

To the Rainforest Music Fest, Kuching, Sarawak, 11th - 13th July 2008

Though ground preps are not exactly all in place yet, it looks like I'll still be hopping on that jetplane to Kuching in the middle of the week for some back-to-back work assignments. By all counts, this should be a pretty fun work trip as the first assignment involves being at the Rainforest World Music Festival 2008 in Santubong from the 11th - 13th July.

Quite an opportune time for me to go away anyway. Things are getting a little too heated up for me here. A change of scenery will do me good. At least I won't have to ponder over one of the mysteries of the universe. To be or not to be; to accept or to decline; to be faithful to the Lord's instructions or to be absolutely disobedient; and for the finale, to keep or to throw away that stupid key that unlocks that idiotic box of mine that houses an even more idiotic 'something inside of me' dilemma.

Damn, what the heck did I just warbled about in the last para? Wahahahahaaaaa...!

Can't share much with you on what the gang and I will be up to for the Rainforest thingy or about what weaponry we have up our sleeves except to say that we'll have to deploy guerilla warfare tactics for some of our activities. Suffice it to say that we do enjoy very, very much being a pain-in-the-butt for Abdul Taib Mahmud and co. Up yours, mate!

As an aside, please pray that I don't get arrested along the process though. Heh. ; )

I can show you this though....

and this....

His Kingdom come and His WILL will be done. AMEN!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

LENOVO 3000 Series

Introducing my all new
Lenovo Series 3000 notebook

Not sure when I'll start writing again though. Have not felt the urge nor have I found anything to make me wanna write about since before 8th March elections.

Lazy kua. ; )

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This one's targeted at the Chinese community...

I've been at odds wondering if I should post these thoughts; for I'm writing them with the Chinese community in mind, of which I am sadly and disappointingly a member of. On the one hand, diplomacy dictates that I exercise restraint to escape offending the next Chinaman who reads this; on the other, my inner conscience has been wildly swinging back and forth like a Yo-Yo.

So in the end, I thought,

A long, long time ago,
When the Nazis came for the communists,

I remained silent;

I was not a communist.

Then not too long ago,

They came for the social activists,

I did not speak out;

I was not a social activist.

Now more recently,
They locked up the HINDRAF 5,

And again, I did not speak up;

Because I was not an Indian.

In the not too distant future,
When they finally come for me,
The selfish Chinaman, the one who did not speak up;

By that time, when there is no one left,
Who will speak up for me?

So now are you ready to throw your indifference aside?
To stand up united with me and be counted for?
To actually believe that your ONE VOTE constitutes

If you are, then you are as entitled as I am to say this,

This Saturday, 8th March 2008,
Fuck the political parties,
Fuck the candidates who are standing,

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is BN spooked???

Booted up the PC to check on the latest updates on MalaysiaKini regarding the elections. And what do I find?


PK Mak PK Tiang
BN ('N' for najis)

Well, that was the initial knee-jerk reaction to the news. Then in a moment of self-restraint, another truth hit home.


And if small insignificant meows such as I can surmise as such, Mille Meow thinks the opposition, the government critics, the civil societies, etc., would have easily figured this out too.

Ooooo... PACAs (Polling Agents/Counting Agents), better watch out for a surge of Indonesians or even the Burmese.

What is our next step then, eh???
How do we cash in on this?

Sorry la. I only a simpleton kampung meow. Small brains. So help, ok? Then maybe next election, Mille can stand as a candidate on behalf of SPCA.

TQ TQ TQ.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Human Rights Creed

Saw this document newly pinned on the office notice board today and took an immediate liking to it. And with the general elections now looming on the horizon, I thought it'd be good to throw this in here for good measure as a reminder to the masses. Not that traffic through here is anything to shout about. Heh. : )

Anyway, here we go. U ready?


In the right of the strongest, in the language of weapons
In the power of the powerful

In racial supremacy or in wealth
In privilege or in the established order

That I can share the oppression there
If I tolerate injustice here

That war and hunger are inevitable
And peace unattainable

That efforts are in vain

That humanity's dreams will go up in smoke
Or that death is the end of everything

That the whole world is my home
That all reap, what we all sow

That the right is the same here as the right there
And that I am not free
While one human being remains enslaved

In the right of all people
In the open hand, in the power of the non-violent

In the modes of actions, in the love of generous hands
In peace on earth

Always and in spite of everything
In the new human being

In God's own dream
Of a new heaven and a new earth
Where justice dwells

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Random sharing.....

Hi Grace@Work,

Sunday, 2nd of March? Whoa! I'll pencil in that date for sure. :)

Though not deserving, I thank you for the praise. Yes, back then in Camerons, I was but still taking small baby steps in my walk with the exalted One. Sep '06 seems like such a long time ago. In the time that has elapsed since, my path has been been randomly littered with unavoidable tests and challenges at certain stages. Yet, faithful as He always is, He watched over me; the guardian of my conscience of being. It also helped tremendously that He placed me in the company of good and godly people akin to our Rabbi and also, my extended family in BLC.

Surreal but opportune that you should use the words "your next chapter" in your reply. It made it sound as if you were sub-consciously aware of what's been taking place over here in my life recently; for as a matter of fact, in three days time on Monday, I will be begin reporting for duty at an NGO. Yes, I have moved away from the private sector to begin a new career
undertaking work involving social concerns and reforms; where I will be hacking it out under the auspices of ??AAA??, that famous (or infamous, depending on which side of the political fence one stands) organisation helmed by The Madam. When I went into my new work place for an introductory briefing exactly a week ago, I remembered walking out of it overwhelmed by the magnitude of the job scope. And to think that the briefing was only a half hour long. Nonetheless, in the days that followed, the Lord shed upon me a truth when I prayed and meditated upon it. This little epiphany helped greatly in assuaging the fears and inhibitions that were manifested by the weaknesses of the human form in me. At times, I can be really clueless and be at a loss to explain why certain things happen; for I am not quick to differentiate between "things just happening" or "things happening just"; whether events and happenings were just mere coincidences or if they were instances of the Sancte Spiritus quietly hiding and working in the background. Oddly enough, just days before I had been offered the post, I had watched a movie on the life of the great abolitionist William Wilberforce titled "Amazing Grace". I had only watched it to be entertained; and never for a moment had I even suspect the sort of difference that it was suppose to later make. You see, during the moments of trepidation that I had with regard to my new obligations, impromptu memories of this film came to mind. And when it hit me, I lit up like a bulb, for it was then that the bottomline dawned upon me; Wilberforce did not achieve his dreams to see out slavery overnight, and his tireless lobbying certainly took a lot longer than the course of 90 minutes of screenplay. With this realisation and a quick Google thereafter, I learned the fact that the actual passing of the law to abolish slavery only took place three days before Wilberforce's death in 1833. It had taken this exceptional man his entire lifetime; a total of 46 years from when he first decided to undertake the cause in 1787. I felt humbled, and in that instance I also began to understand that to serve the Lord's calling, time and other extrinsic gargantuan factors matters not; for I now accept the truth that Abba never gives one anything that He didn't think that one could not handle. His Kingdom come and His will be done.

I give thanks to our Father for His blessings and favour, and I embrace Him, the Lord, our God, in the mighty name of His son, Jesus Christ.

Shalom and a safe night, my good brother.

Mille Meow

Note: Words shaded in BLUE are to preserve anonymity of individuals from the general public.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A New Calling....

It's been a 2 weeks wait. The telephone call finally came this morning. When I recognized the voice at the other end, I greeted her with a voice aplomb of self confidence. But in truth, I was nervous and faint hearted for fear of bad news. So the brave front was actually borne more out of a need to disguise this shortcoming.

The lady at the other end of the line jested when she asked which news I wanted to hear first. The good or the bad? Ooops! Not good. Not good at all. I thought about it for a nanosecond. Then it hit me. Waitaminit, waitaminit. Her statement laid the grounds of the possibility of bad news but yet, it reeked with the hint of good?

Ahhhh....almost kena conned leh. Hehe... :)

And so it was with good news that my new week awoke to. That come forth the new month of February, I shall be setting off on a new journey for myself and my life. A path where I will finally get to answer and serve the Lord's calling. As Soo Choo, my friend and soon-to-be new colleague would echo, "HIS KINGDOM COME. HIS WILL BE DONE."

So now it's cast in stone. A new milestone in my life will be marked. A new career with a new direction and new benchmarks. I have spent almost two decades of my working life in the private sector doing things and acquiring knowledge, which for the most parts may probably not have any bearings on my new vocation. Taking that into consideration, and in discounting those unneeded tools from the equation, I now have to believe that it is the remaining few skills left in my possession that will have a practical usefulness on how I navigate the waters of this new and alien territory that I chart. Mien Gott, the Lord has surely gone about preparing me for this task in a funny but wrong way. Hmmm... I may well be forgiven if I accused Him for deliberately designing humour for His own pleasure at my expense. That also loosely translates to saying that our God is a bona fide joker. That He laughs heartily at the end when He discovers that He has excelled Himself when He successfully pulls off certain stunts on His servants.


Heh! But I too jest when I wrote the above. Maybe it's the warped sense of humour that some say I have but as I reflected on those very same words at the second reading, it did dawn upon me that it was funny. At the same time, it also simultaneously occurred unto me that maybe I may have read Him wrong. Maybe God was not the joker I had made Him out to be. Maybe this time He did the reverse? That He inverted the position. That this time He had sacrificially assumed the mantle of comedic clown for my pleasure instead; albeit, one where His ulterior intent for me is good.

Puzzled??? Here's why I thought what I thought and it goes like this.

Maybe God wanted me to experience all of what I've experienced in my life, thus far, to adequately prepare me to assume my new role in the overall big picture. And the greatest lesson He had willed for me out of this exercise was to learn not to lament on my journey of the past but rather, to happenstance on the understanding that it was all a pre-designed pathway to learning and understanding futility, and more importantly, to acknowledge and then to surrender to it. And when all of this is done, I am to then sit back and take in the simple joy of discovering how to laugh alongside Him at the oxymoronic idiosyncrasies that I had created for myself the last 43 years. At this juncture, I had another epiphany. For as I learn to laugh at myself in this process, maybe I may just be lucky enough to discover the godly grace that He means for my life and I.

Thank you for Your faithfulness, God, my Lord. I serve willingly in Your kingdom.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

MSM - Selective Omission

Found this article which was reported over on BBC news today. Unsurprisingly, not a whiff of it was heard over our local main stream media (MSM). Certainly not over Bernama, which I've checked just to be sure before I begin calling them monkey names again. After the police derailment of last Saturday night's solidarity candlelight vigil for the abolishment of the ISA, this is but yet another telltale sign that the ruling government is fearful of even its own shadow.

Anyway, here's the article.

Malaysia bans S Asia recruitment

South Asian workers line up at a charity food distribution centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (27/12/2007)
Malaysia has suspended the recruitment of workers from India and Bangladesh, amid rising domestic tensions.

A government official said the decision might be linked to the actions of a group that led protests complaining of discrimination against ethnic Indians.

But the official did not say why the decision had been made, nor how long the restrictions would last.

The ban will affect thousands of manual labourers as well as professionals, including religious workers.

There are currently about 250,000 legal workers in Malaysia from India and Bangladesh.


The move to freeze visas for all workers from the two countries was taken three weeks ago, the government said.

But Tuesday's announcement took many people by surprise.

A Vaithilingam, president of a Malaysian inter-faith group, said that the decision came without dialogue and was "unprecedented".

Ethnic Indians protesting in Kuala Lumpur, 25/11

The BBC's correspondent in Kuala Lumpur, Robin Brant, said it was a significant diplomatic move by the Malaysia government.

A Home Ministry official told the BBC that the decision "may be linked to Hindraf", the Hindu activists group which organised recent rallies by Malaysian ethnic Indians.

Thousands of ethnic Indians took to the streets late last year in protest against perceived social and economic discrimination by the Malay-Muslim majority.

The announcement came on the final day of a visit to Malaysia by Indian Defence Minister AK Antony.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar said Mr Antony "did not raise the issue of ethnic Indians in Malaysia," reported the French news agency AFP.

An unnamed Indian professional told Reuters that the Malaysian government should not have taken such a drastic step.

"They should recognise the contribution made by Indian workers and professionals in the economic growth of the country," he said.

Friday, January 04, 2008


I read with great amusement today a report that was carried over on Malaysiakini. It was about the antics of a group of Malay youths. These young men, not unlike a great many of the rest of us in this country, were less than enthusiastic with the performance of that lame duck of a PM we have. Yes, that same one, who a few years ago wooed us all with a campaign slogan that shouted “Work With Me, Not For Me.” Somehow, back then we took him for his word. So imagine how disgusted my compatriots and I are now when we realised that we’ve been conned into voting for a buffoon like him. And to that lie he told us back then, I’ll just resort to the classic Lat cartoon gesture. Ptooi!

Anyway, since not all of us have access to Malaysiakini, I thought I’d reproduce the article here. But before that, let’s take a moment to salute this group of discerning young men and women who were not blind to the nonsense that the current BN administration is about. They got brass balls, they do. I salute you all! I really do.

Ok. The moment’s up. Enjoy....

Group Hands Pak Lah Special Gift
Andrew Ong | Jan 4, 08 4:26pm

A group of disgruntled young Malaysians today symbolically handed a ‘gift’ to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to express their disappointment with his administration.

The gift was in the form of a yellow pillow and a bolster - both decorated with the Malaysian flag and the Petronas Twin Towers.

Abdullah however was not on hand to receive the items, which the group left at the doorsteps of the premier's office in Putrajaya this morning.

Spokesperson for the group Badrul Hisham Shaharin said he and his eight other friends had come to the conclusion that the government's ineffectiveness was due to Abdullah's purported "sleepiness".

added that Abdullah had previously been allegedly caught nodding off at various official functions both locally and abroad.

“So we wanted to send a ‘memorandum’ about the what the youth wants. This memorandum is in form of a pillow... He can use the pillow to continue sleeping or wake up and realise that his administration is not efficient,” Badrul told reporters.

Badrul said the group consisted of artists, poets, bloggers, writters and activists but denied that the ‘pillow act’ was politically motivated

Badrul (right) informs security guard on the group's intentions.

The group displays posters mocking Abdullah over his alleged ‘sleepiness’.

A poster referring to a 2006 report by Turkish newspaper Hurriyet regarding a luxury yacht allegedly linked to Abdullah.

“We don’t expect him to reply our ‘memorandum’. Thus far, he has never replied any memorandum sent by civil society groups,” Badrul told reporters.

Journalists and the police were stunned when the ‘memorandum’ turned out to be a pillow and a bolster.

“He can come and pick it up later if he wants,” said Badrul.

The banner reads, “The last hope of the young Malaysians: Continue sleeping O’Prime Minister”.

Baffled monkeys took a while to register what was before them before deciding how to deal with the items.

"Kita check dulu. Mana tau dari hotel yang dipakai oleh YB gila seks itu."