Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, Nurlita 'Bibi' Lukito.


I wrote this for you some time ago. Do you remember it? The one thing I didn't do back then was to publish it to my blog. I suppose there's no better time than today to unveil this.



100... AND BEYOND...

There must be a hundred things I can do,
Yet, I want only to do it with you.

There must be a hundred choices I can have,
But no choice is any choice if it was not over you.

There must be a hundred ways for lovers to say ‘I LOVE YOU’,
So penning this prose is just one of my ways of declaring it to you.

And then there are so many days beyond 100 in my lifetime,
Yet, they all amount to nothingness if spent without you.

I may have lived 100 lifetimes before now;
And wasted that 100 lifetimes searching in vain.
But the pains of the past matters not no more,
Coz by this lifetime, I thank God that I’ve finally found you.

(Thursday, 6th November, 2008)