Tuesday, May 02, 2006

An Inspired Morning...

I'm really beginning to accept that with age advancing, one's need for longer duration of sleep actually diminishes. What a curse! :(

I woke up early today. So early that it was still dark when I left home to go catch the morning sunrise. I normally do this before hitting Chinatown for my "yum char" ("dim sum" + tea drinking) session. While I was there doing my little meditation, I discovered something among my surroundings. And I wrote it down. My thoughts goes like this...

"I love mornings. I discovered why birds chirp so gaily at daybreak; they sing because they're thankful for another day of life. So, if you ever feel down about anything, spend a little time with our fine feathered friends at the crack of dawn of the next day. Let them remind you again of the constants in your life. That for each day as you live, there remains a promise of much more to come. With the little that they have, already they celebrate in wild abandonment. You have more. Cherish it."

Enjoy life. Celebrate life.

This inaugural posting is a tribute to my late cat, MilleMeow
. Lost him a year ago. Deeply, deeply missed by all of us who knew him.

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